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How do you adapt your prospecting approach to your prospects? You’ve got the basic contact information of a prospect…now what? Sure, you could shoot them off an email that you’ve sent to dozens of other prospects that week, or maybe you could give them a quick phone call to see if they’ve got time to chat. Both are great …

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Top Sales Magazine

August’s Edition of Top Sales Magazine is Out Jonathan Farrington interviews Barbara Weaver Smith Founder and CEO, The Whale Hunters. We also have excellent contributions from Brian Sullivan, Dave Kurlan, Oksana Esberard, Dr Tony Alessandra, Frank V. Cespedes and David Hoffield, Olivier Guerin, Sue Barrett, David Kreiger, Steve Hall and Mike Esterday. Plus an opportunity to download the results of Sandler Research Center’s latest survey Sign up for FREE

Top Sales Library

Top Sales Library We believe that Top Sales Library will become the largest and most significant sales repository in the world. A resource area for frontline sales professionals and their managers, stacked full of articles, white papers, videos, podcasts, eBooks and webinars, all categorized in an easy to find format. There are six main categories … Discover the Library

Top 10 Posts

Top 10 Posts We have selected and published this week’s Top 10 Posts, which includes work from Dave Kurlan, Mark Hunter, Ali Cudby, Colleen Francis, Joanne Black, Sue Barrett, Julie Hansen, David Mattson, Jonathan Farrington and Mike Schultz. All the details here

Top  Sales Book

Top Sales Book This week’s Top Sales Book of the Week is “The Modern Seller: Sell More And Increase Your Impact In The New Sales Economy” by Amy Franko. In The Modern Seller, Amy Franko explains the factors behind this challenging ... Read More

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2020 Top 50 Sales Books

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2019 Top 50 Keynote Speakers