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Case Study: Aligning Product, Marketing, and Sales Strategy by Greg Alexander

Joel Trammell, CEO of Khorus, and former CEO of NetQos, recently appeared on the SBI Podcast. The subject of the interview was keeping the product, marketing, and sales teams aligned. Listen to the podcast HERE

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What Top Sales Teams Do With Quotas That Average Teams Don’t [New Research] from HubSpot

Salespeople are naturally goal-oriented high achievers. After they crush their quota one year, they can’t wait to do it again — only this time faster and better. Many sales teams take advantage of this competitive drive by raising quotas by […] Read more

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Ready to Achieve What is Important to You? New FREE Ebook “Timely Tips to Achieve Your Goals” from Nancy Bleeke, Sales Pro Insider

Your guide to: Identifying what is important for you to achieve. Define your goals. Outline the activities, stakeholders, and resources that will propel you to achieve your goals. A monthly easy 4-R review process to keep you on track. Included […] Learn more

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Linda Richardson’s guest (interviewee) is our very own founder and CEO, Jonathan Farrington. We also have excellent contributions from Greg Alexander, Etien D’Hollander, Maura Schreier – Fleming, Art Sobczak, and Ed Ross. Plus in his editorial, Jonathan asks, whatever happened […] Get Your Copy!

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