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What I’ve Learned About Blogging & Writing, 2,000 Blog Posts Later by Matt Heinz

I’ve been blogging for eight years now, but it was about four years ago in March that we committed to start publishing something every day.  We did this for several reasons, in part because content here had driven a significant portion of our sales […] Read more

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The Golden Egg(s) Nestling in Your Basket by Jonathan Farrington

From quite early on in our sales careers, we are encouraged to explore every sales opportunity that presents itself – in fact in some companies, they are brainwashed into believing that “all business is good business.” And of course, we/they do […] Read more

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The Salesperson is Either Dying or Never Been More Important. Who Do You Believe? By Corporate Visions

So how much credence should you give to the idea that salespeople are being “disintermediated by digital?”  According to SiriusDecisions, not very much. In a study of more than 1,000 respondents, they found that buyers actually interact with sales reps most […] Read more

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“Can Mindfulness Make You a Better Salesperson?” Linda Richardson interviews the world’s leading expert on the subject, Andrew Scheffer. Here is a snippet: “In 2000, Andrew Scheffer was my student in a graduate program at The Wharton School, at The […] Get Your Copy!

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