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Use Chunking to Make Sense Out of LinkedIn Chaos by Jill Konrath

For many years, I worked as a consultant, helping companies to jumpstart sales of their new products and services. In just three months, I had to learn about their offering, customer, sales process and more. Then, I created a special training […] Read more

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Newsflash: Your Salespeople May Not be Motivated by Money by Nancy Bleeke

10 Questions You Should Be Asking to Identify What Motivates Your Salespeople You may, like many leaders I know, think that all salespeople are motivated by money. After all, isn’t that why they are in sales? The problem is, that thought, […] Read more

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2015 Research: SaaS and the AE/ISR Role from The Bridge Group

What happens when 342 SaaS companies share key metrics for their inside sales closers (AE, ISRs, etc.)? Forty-six pages of analysis, metrics, comp data, and trends. Get your copy

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Linda Richardson interviews Bill Eckstrom, President of EcSell Institute, and we also have superb contributions from Barb Giamanco, Phil Kreindler, Colleen Stanley, Ken Thoreson and Tamara Schenk. And don’t miss Jonathan Farrington’s editorial “The Power of Failure” Plus of course, […] Get Your Copy!

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