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Whatever Happened to the Lone Ranger? By Jonathan Farrington

The Lone Ranger is dead. Instead of the individual problem-solver, we have a new model for creative achievement. People like Steve Jobs or Walt Disney headed groups and found their own greatness in them. … Read more

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A Sermon on Selling: The Sin of Hearing Without Listening by Paul McCord

We wicked sinners must beg forgiveness and change our sinful ways if we want to build sold relationships with our prospects and have them sign those sacred documents, our contracts. A reading of much of the Old Testament sounds like […] Read more

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A Good Look at Bad Salespeople – Companies Don’t Get This! By Dave Kurlan

This week I received a cold call from one of the worst salespeople ever.  I get to see the Sales DNA and Sales Competencies of more bad salespeople than anyone on the planet so I know bad when I see […] Read more

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Linda Richardson’s guest (interviewee) is our very own founder and CEO, Jonathan Farrington. We also have excellent contributions from Greg Alexander, Etien D’Hollander, Maura Schreier – Fleming, Art Sobczak, and Ed Ross. Plus in his editorial, Jonathan asks, whatever happened […] Get Your Copy!

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