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How to Conduct an Effective Sales Win/Loss Analysis by Scott Gruher of SBI

A win/loss analysis is a powerful tool – when it’s employed correctly. It can help everyone in the sales organization understand what’s working and what’s not. It is also an effective way to make sure that …. Read more

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New Video from Colleen Stanley: Are You Doing What You Said You Would Do?

In last week’s blog, I shared my new favorite book, authored by Stephen M.R. Covey, The Speed Of Trust.  I shared Covey’s work regarding the three components of trust:  character, competence and commitment. Let’s talk about the third component in building trust […] Watch here

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Great Discovery is the Key to Not Losing’ White Paper from Michael Nick

Ever wish you had a do over? Ever lose a deal and think what the heck just happened? “There is no way I should have lost this deal.” This paper covers the reasons we lose and what to do about […] Download here

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Linda Richardson interviews pioneering software entrepreneur, George Bronten, CEO of Membrain. We also have great contributions from Keith Rosen, Dan McDade, Wendy Weiss, Babette Ten-Haken and Phil Kreindler. Get Your Copy!

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