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Can Your Sales Managers Teach Your Reps to Hit Home Runs? By Kevin Davis

Financial offerings warn that past performance is no guarantee of future success. Shouldn’t sales managers carry the same warning? Too many companies tend to shoot themselves in the foot by investing the bulk of their training resources on … Read more

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Can checklists increase your sales by 20%? By George Brontén

I just read a fascinating book called “The Checklist” by surgeon Atul Gawande. The advice in the book is 100% applicable for sales leaders who are looking for ways to improve processes that positively impact performance. Read more

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Latest from Colleen Stanley’s Video Blog: Does Your Prospect Deserve A Second Meeting?

Here’s the sales scenario.  You’re meeting with a new prospect and it’s a pleasant meeting full of statements such as, “It’s always good to look at other options.  We are committed to being best in class.”   The salesperson digs, questions […] Watch here

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In the interview hot seat is Dave Kurlan, founder and CEO of Objective Management Group: “Getting Sales Selection Right Has Never Been More Important.” Our lead article is “Sales Needs Leadership” by MHI Research Institute’s Tom Chamberlain, and in addition, […] Get Your Copy!

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