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Mindset, Skillset, or Toolset: Which Should My Sales Organization Invest In? By Anneke Seley via HubSpot

One of the questions I dread most when speaking at conferences is, “If you had to choose to invest in one thing to improve the sales team’s revenue performance, what would you pick?” The choice is typically between sales methodology/training […] Read more

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Verne Harnish’s Rant and 3 Sales Leadership Issues By Dave Kurlan

The one newsletter that I never fail to read each week, rain, 7 feet of snow, sub-zero temperatures, or shine, is Verne Harnish’s Weekly Insights. If you are not familiar with Verne (The Growth Guy), he wrote Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and […] Read more

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How Can You Quantify the Success of Content Marketing? By Alyssa Drury of Seismic

In sales, it is relatively easy to measure progress and success. Typically, each person has a dollar-value quota, and success equals hitting or surpassing that quota. You can even break sales goals down even more by …. Read more

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Linda Richardson interviews Bill Eckstrom, President of EcSell Institute, and we also have superb contributions from Barb Giamanco, Phil Kreindler, Colleen Stanley, Ken Thoreson and Tamara Schenk. And don’t miss Jonathan Farrington’s editorial “The Power of Failure” Plus of course, […] Get Your Copy!

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