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What to Do About the Short Supply of Sales Candidates by Dave Kurlan

I don’t know if this is an issue where you live, but lately where we live, grocery stores no longer sell yellow bananas!  Their entire stock is green and those taste quite bitter.  Is it the weather?  Supply and demand?  A […] Read more

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How to Be Happy at Work by Geoffrey James

If you’re unhappy at work–or anywhere else, for that matter–it’s because you’ve made yourself unhappy. There’s an easy way to change that. Let me start off with a little story. I once knew a saleswoman–young, divorced–who got a diagnosis of […] Read more

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Take our 2015 Sales Management Optimization Survey – CSO Insights

CSO Insights’ 6th annual Sales Management Optimization study is looking to understand how sales managers will help their sales teams hit these increased targets. As our thanks for participating in this research project, CSO Insights will send you a complimentary copy of the […] Take the survey

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Jeffrey Gitomer is Linda Richardson’s guest – “Smashing All 50 Rules”… Plus as usual, we have an excellent “supporting cast” with articles from: Tiffani Bova, Alyssa Drury, Monika D’Agostino and David A. Gordon.  In his editorial, Jonathan Farrington asks, “Does […] Get Your Copy!

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