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Coach to Win, Not to Fix by Keith Rosen

Today’s managers struggle to build their people’s morale, confidence, and trust. Find out what you can do to truly empower, rather than demoralize your team—no matter how toxic things may be. Read more

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Can the Lack Commitment to Sales Success Finding be Wrong? By Dave Kurlan

Have you ever witnessed salespeople that go part of the way, but not all the way to get the business?  They make the call but don’t convert the call?  They hold the first meeting but walk away without traction? Read more

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Who Owns Sales Enablement – Sales or Marketing? From Sales Benchamark Index

A well-established Sales Enablement team is key to improved sales skills. It’s also key to better execution and closing more sales. But figuring out where Sales Enablement fits into an org chart can be challenging. Read more

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Linda Richardson interviews Tom Steenburgh the Paul M. Hammaker Professor at the Darden Graduate School of Business. We also have great contributions from Tamara Schenk, Mathew Pollard, Monika D’Agostino, MHI Global and Errol Green. Get Your Copy!

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