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Closing Sales, Process, Hauntings, Training & More by Dave Kurlan

Today I will explore the least-read articles I have ever written.  That’s right.  The least read.  It’s very fashionable – and a best practice – to continue promoting the most-read, most-liked, most-favorited, most-shared, most-tweeted and most-commented articles.. Read more

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What Excellence And Buying Have In Common by Tamara Schenk

Remember the last time you have written a blog post or an article. How did that go? I start with an idea and a mind map. Then I capture all my ideas as they flow, followed be rethinking the core […] Read more

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Entering Into the Mind of the IT Executive Buyer Webcast with PGi

This webcast is designed for sales leaders, sales directors, sales managers and salespeople who are looking for the “inside scoop” on how to penetrate the executive office of an IT leader. You will hear from our panel of IT executives on what techniques work and […] Learn more

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Linda Richardson interviews pioneering software entrepreneur, George Bronten, CEO of Membrain. We also have great contributions from Keith Rosen, Dan McDade, Wendy Weiss, Babette Ten-Haken and Phil Kreindler. Get Your Copy!

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