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The 2014 Top Sales Video of the Year “Successful Negotiation – NO Free Gifts” by Colleen Francis

In this superb video, Colleen provides us with some seriously effective negotiation tips based on her own experiences. She shares how to defend margin and makes closing sound easy! Watch now

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The 2014 Top Sales Webinar of the Year: “The Objective Seller” with Tibor Shanto

All businesses have objectives. Focusing on your buyer’s desired return on those objectives is the most effective way to engage. With changes in the buying and selling dynamic, B2B buyers who are ready to buy are much… Watch here

Plus …

The 2014 Top Book of the Year: “Agile Selling” by Jill Konrath

“Being an agile seller in today’s business environment virtually guarantees a prosperous career. You can ramp up quickly in new positions, becoming competent in record time. You can jumpstart sales of new products or services. You can ….” Read more

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So, here we are, the final Top Sales Magazine of the year – and what a year! To celebrate all that we have achieved, this edition is dedicated to “a year in perspective” which means an opportunity to review and […] Get Your Copy!

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Phase Two will run from February 2015 and sessions will be announced early in the New Year.

All the Phase One sessions have now run and the recordings are available, to view, on Top Sales Academy. Please Register here to view past recordings.

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