Top Sales Hard Talk Archive

The Top Sales Hardtalk interviews are a very popular feature on Top Sales World, and provide us with the opportunity to chat with all the leading personalities and experts from around the sales space, who are only too willing to share their wisdom.

Rather than use this initiative to simply promote and advertise our guest’s products, solutions and services, we aim to tackle the real issues and challenges facing frontline sales professionals today – and we do not shy away from fronting up to controversial topics!

Every interview is available to download in MP3 format, so that you can enjoy them at a time convenient to you.We are even building a library here, so that you can listen to the titles you consider most relevant to your position.

Top Sales Hard Talks

Getting to YES at Every Stage of the Buying CycleColleen Francis discusses the importance of gaining a commitment from prospects and customers at every stage of the buying cycle. DOWNLOAD
Transforming  Sales Coaching into Sales ResultsLinda Richardson discusses why Sales Coaching is the single most important thing you can do to increase productivity.  DOWNLOAD
05_HardTalk_TenHaken_02Babette Ten Haken explains how organizations desiring to create a team-selling environment would do well to involve people with technical skills who normally aren't included in selling conversations. Internal conversations early can create more value for the customer. DOWNLOAD
05_HardTalk_Konrath_03Jill Konrath's new book "Agile Selling" follows up on her popular "SNAP Selling" about selling to crazy-busy buyers, although now she guides flustered sales people in adjusting to new market dynamics and gaining a competitive edge. Rapid learning, a skill that can be learned,  is an imperative. DOWNLOAD
05_HardTalk_Cadieux_01Jonathan Farrington discusses the 4 Principles of Effective Lead Generation with Dan Cadieux Vice President of Strategy at 360Leads. DOWNLOAD
18 Ways to Keep Sales Momentum Going Through the SummerYou can have all the tools and plans in place, but without effort and enthusiasm every day on the part of your sales team you probably won’t reach your revenue goals. DOWNLOAD
04_HardTalk_Jwalanna_01Anil Jwalanna - Founder and Ceo of Witty Parrot, in conversation with Jonathan Farrington, and sharing the latest exciting developments he and his team at WP are working on. DOWNLOAD
Sales Process - Top 10 Reasons Why Sales are Lost a sales hard talk with Dave KurlanDave Kurlan shares with Jonathan Farrington the ten reasons why salespeople fail to land orders that they were expecting to . . . DOWNLOAD
IS_HardTalk_Lee_01Email is the number one tool for customer communication – surpassing the phone according to a recent survey of sellers. Yet email is even easier to ignore than voicemail because . . . DOWNLOAD
03_HardTalk_Davis_01Kevin Davis and Jonathan Farrington discuss the importance of  the customer in defining  efficient sales funnel management. DOWNLOAD
Download Mobile CRM - Are we There Yet?Mobile solutions have made huge advances, particularly CRM, but is there still more to come? Etien D'Hollander and Jonathan Farrington discuss ... DOWNLOAD
03_HardTalk_Flatow_01Two Jonathans, one highly topical subject - JF interviews the new top man at Avention, which is all about personalizing your sales and marketing. DOWNLOAD
Listen to Making the Transition – Outside InJason Dobbs discusses the successful transition he has made from external sales rep to internal sales professional, and the huge advantages he is now reaping. DOWNLOAD
03_HardTalk_Calvert_02Deb Calvert and Jonathan Farrington discuss how asking questions actually CREATES value. DOWNLOAD
02_HardTalk_Iannarino_01 The future of sales … implications of sales moving inside and the reduction of outside sales forces … the changing roles of salespeople …. sales roles turning into customer support roles… whew! What is the sales world coming to? DOWNLOAD
02_HardTalk_Giamanco_01Barb Giamanco and Jonathan Farrington discuss the rise of unqualified “Social Media” experts, which is now reaching epidemic proportions. DOWNLOAD
It's Time to Change the Sales Conversation with Linda RichardsonLinda Richardson openly discusses the motivation behind her latest book with Jonathan Farrington. DOWNLOAD
Insights with Linda RichardsonForget features and benefits, today's buyers want "insights" Jonathan Farrington and Linda Richardson discuss what that means for today's frontline sales professionals. DOWNLOAD
Inbound, Outbound or Something in Between? A Sales Hard Talk with Dan McDadePointClear’s Dan McDade discusses the effectiveness of inbound versus outbound marketing with Jonathan Farrington. DOWNLOAD
Getting it Right at the Front EndPoor decisions can cost a company thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary, expenses and of course underachieved revenue. DOWNLOAD
Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success a  with HardTalk Colleen StanleyThe biggest reason for failure is because salespeople rarely understand how emotional intelligence skills positively impact their success in business. DOWNLOAD
A Better Way to Gain Referrals -  Paul McCordWhy do so many salespeople struggle to obtain quality referrals? It doesn't need to be that way ... DOWNLOAD
Why Conversations Sell with Nancy BleekeNancy Bleeke's reveals exactly which types of conversations we need to be having to Jonathan Farrington  DOWNLOAD
08_HardTalk_McDade_01Dan McDade reveals the top seven lies that you read and hear most frequently about lead generation - or as Dan says "The hogwash!" DOWNLOAD
Mobile Efficiency with Joe WrightJoe Wright, CEO of AccessMobility24  discusses why it has been such a highly successful year with Jonathan Farrington. DOWNLOAD

The Rise and Rise of Social SellingThe Rise and Rise of Social Selling

Jill Konrath and Jonathan Farrington discuss the surging phenomenon that is "social selling"  DOWNLOAD
Download: Pick Up the Damn Phone with Joanne BlackJoanne Black, the world’s leading authority on referral selling talks about her new book with Jonathan Farrington. DOWNLOAD
Selling to Technical Professionals a sales hard talk with Babette Ten HakenWhy do so many sales professionals shy away from selling to technical companies? Babette Ten Haken discusses how to succeed in a technically focused environment DOWNLOAD
Before You Pitch a sales hard talk with Kelley RobertsonKelley Robertson and Jonathan Farrington share their frustrations with the poor quality of the average sales pitch today and share what can be done to make improvements HERE
Relationship Selling is Alive and Well - Thank You!"The man that invented "relationship selling" tells Jonathan Farrington why it is still very much live and kicking. DOWNLOAD
The Path to Agilemobility a sales hard talk with Nancy NardinJonathan Farrington discovers what current bee Nancy Nardin has in her bonnet right now, and she explains the importance of "Agilemobility" DOWNLOAD
Download: DISCOVER Questions Get You Connected: for professional sellers by Deb CalvertJonathan Farrington in conversation with Deb Calvert about her new book “DISCOVER Questions Get You Connected: for professional sellers DOWNLOAD
Preparation is EVERYTHING a Sales Hard Talk with Art Sobczak Art Sobczak, the master of new business generation, highlights the need for proper preparation prior to every interaction with new prospects, and shares tips . . . DOWNLOAD
My Marketing Awakening a Sales Hard talk with Joanne BlackJoanne Black, the doyenne of referral selling, discusses her “marketing epiphany” with Jonathan Farrington, and shares her views on the new rules of prospect attraction … HERE
Download: Exciting Times @ OneSourceJames Rogers, CMO at OneSource, shares the latest news with Jonathan Farrington. DOWNLOAD

Download: SalesSpeak: The Good, the Bad & the UnforgivableSalesSpeak: The Good, the Bad & the Unforgivable

Imagine running into an old High School friend and them asking you “So, what do you do nowadays?” Would you respond “I sell next generation, flexible, scalable enterprise-class business solutions that deliver remarkable business value to the mid-market and Fortune 1000”? DOWNLOAD
IS_HardTalk_Konrath_01Reaching decision makers is the most difficult part of sales. These days it takes the skills of a ninja to gain access to these elusive buyers. DOWNLOAD
Download: 6 Things You Need to Know Before You Call Another ProspectNothing beats having a real conversation with a prospect.  But when you reach prospects, you have less than 30 seconds to interest and engage them.   DOWNLOAD
Download Solving the Social Selling PuzzleThanks to social networks and the Internet your prospects begin the buying process without the involvement of sales 60%-80% of the time.  DOWNLOAD
KPI vs. KP-why? Key metrics to track your results – before it’s too late!We’ve all been there before. That unpleasant surprise at the end of the quarter or year when the sales that were supposed to happen don’t. And at that point it is too late…” DOWNLOAD
Gap Selling – Engaging with Status Quo BuyersManaged Services is changing your market, which means you have to change how you sell and who you sell to.  This session will show you what you need to think about before you start your sales, and what you have to do to succeed in a new buying environment. DOWNLOAD
After the Lead a Sales Hard Talk with Jonathan LondonSince so much time, money and energy is being spent on getting the appointment, what do you do afterwards from the appointment to closing? The two Jonathan discuss. DOWNLOAD
Leanne Hoagland-Smith and Jonathan Farrington discuss Misguided MarketingThere is a fine line between professional marketing and blatant self-promotion - Leanne Hoagland-Smith and Jonathan Farrington discuss the difference. DOWNLOAD
Managing Performance for ResultsSteven Rosen discusses his upcoming Top Sales Academy presentation with Jonathan Farrington DOWNLOAD
Winning New Business: How to Create Compelling, Differentiated ValueAnthony Iannarino reveals the details of his Top Sales Academy presentation coming up on May 9th DOWNLOAD
Gamification Works! a sales hard talk with Dario PrioloDario Priolo of Richardson discusses the success the company are enjoying from integrating gamification into some of their programs DOWNLOAD HERE
Learning to Say "No" Early a Sales Hard Talk with Christian Maurer Jonathan Farrington and Christian Maurer discuss how to avoid having pipelines full of unwinnable opportunities by knowing when to say NO – early. LISTEN HERE
The New Rules: 3 ways to Score in Sales Today a Sales Hard Talk with David Yesford"The Changing Rules of Sales Engagement" David Yesford and Jonathan Farrington discuss the new sales landscape and how buyers now wish to engage. LISTEN HERE