What Exactly Is Rapport?

Rapport is the most important process in influencing others. It is vital if you want to maintain relationships. Without it, you are unlikely to achieve willing agreement to what you want. People who have excellent rapport with others create harmonious relationships based on trust and understanding of mutual needs.
Rapport is the cornerstone of all mutually effective relationships. It needs constant vigilance to keep it alive and effective.

Why Is It So Important?

Rapport is similar to money – when you are short of it, it increases in importance. Without rapport you will reduce your chances of getting:

  • Unconditional agreement to your ideas and suggestions
  • Full commitment from others
  • Business, promotion, fiends

The way in which you interact with others has a major bearing on your success as an influencer.

Being in rapport means that you are in agreement with others both verbally and non-verbally.

Ten Good Reasons to Build Rapport:

  • To really win friends and influence people
  • To connect rapidly with a wide range of people
  • To communicate magically
  • To build solid, lasting relationships
  • To create incredible results
  • To help others improve performance and increase success
  • To handle conflict
  • To get promotion
  • To talk your way in to things
  • To talk your way out of things

A Recipe for Successful Influence:

Something in common
Shared understanding

Mix together as required. Notice changes and be prepared to maintain a flexible approach throughout, oh, and be sure to keep communication flowing on all levels.